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weasleycest_fic's Journal

One Big Happy Weasley Family Weasleycest Ficathon
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Announcing the One Big Happy Weasley Family Weasleycest Ficathon!

(1) This ficathon focuses solely on romantic and/or sexual relationships between members of the Weasley family. For the purposes of this ficathon, Fleur will be considered a member of the family. Harry/Weasley and Hermione/Weasley are not allowed as the primary pairing unless they are part of a threesome with another Weasley.

(2) Sign-ups are from August 27th to September 1st. Assignments will be sent out no later than September 3rd. Fics are due by November 17th and posting will begin November 27th, 2006. Please try to keep your assignment/recipient a secret.

(3) Because of the nature of this ficathon(incest) I am limiting participation to people over the age of eighteen.

(4) Send your fic to drownedatsea@gmail.com as a Microsoft Word or text file. Remember to add HTML codes (italic, etc.) inside the text if you want them to appear in the post. Please include the following header when you send me the fic:

Author's Note:

(5) Please put as much effort into your fic as you would like the person writing/drawing your gift to put into theirs. Fics should be a minimum of 500 words. Remember to spellcheck your fic, check the Harry Potter Lexicon if you're unsure about canon details, and try to have your fic beta read before you submit it.